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Yorkville Toronto Condominiums – Pet Friendly Buildings and Pet Restrictions

It seems you can’t go anywhere in Yorkville these days without running into someone with their beloved dog whether on a leash or in their own little designer carrier. When it comes to condominiums in Yorkville, each building has a different set of rules with regards to pets, in particular dogs. While most are pet friendly, many Yorkville condo buildings have restrictions as to the weight of a pet and or number of pets allowed to occupy a unit.

The Ontario Condominium Act allows condominium corporations to set policies and restrictions in their declarations and by-laws on a resident’s right to keep pet in their unit and may even prohibit pet ownership outright. It is possible to have a condominium corporation’s declaration amended to allow for pets but this is not a simple task. Not only must at least eighty percent of unit owners consent in writing to the change, it also involves getting condo board approval and notifying the mortgagees of the proposed change.

If you are thinking of buying a condo in Yorkville, your seventy toronto building permits pound golden retriever “Daisy” will definitely be a determining factor in deciding what condo building you choose.

Here are the pet policies of the different Yorkville Toronto condominium buildings:

Condominiums in Yorkville Toronto that allow household pets:

No. 155 Cumberland Street

100 Yorkville at Bellair 80 & 100 Yorkville Avenue

The Renaissance Plaza 175 Cumberland Street

Renaissance Court 164 Cumberland Street

The Maxus Lofts 80 Cumberland Street

The Lotus 8 Scollard Street

The Hazelton Hotel & Private Residences 118 Yorkville Avenue is considered pet friendly with the caveat that no attack dogs are permitted and if the pet is deemed a nuisance it can be removed at the sole discretion of the condo corporation.

Condominium buildings in Yorkville Toronto that allow household pets but have restrictions:

One St. Thomas Residences 1 St. Thomas Street: Maximum two household pets per unit not exceeding thirty pounds in weight.

The Regency Yorkville 68 Yorkville Avenue: Maximum of two pets per unit excluding attack dogs. Pet must be sufficiently small in size that it can be carried.

The Prince Arthur 38 Avenue Road: In Tower Building one pet per unit not to exceed twenty pounds. In Courtyard Building two pets permitted without weight restriction.

The Windsor Arms Condominium Residences 22 St. Thomas Street: One pet allowed per unit.

No. 10 Bellair Street: One pet per unit. Pet must be small enough that it can be carried.

99 Avenue Road: One pet per unit, maximum weight twenty five pounds.

The New Hazelton Lanes 77 Avenue Road: One pet per unit not to exceed twenty five pounds.

8 Sultan Street: Maximum of two pets per unit.

18 Yorkville Avenue: Dogs are allowed under thirty pounds.

110 Bloor Street West: No dogs allowed except for service dogs.


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