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What Makes the Twilight Series So Popular?

With the release of a third movie in the Twilight movie series, fans are finding various ways to express their love of all things Twilight. They are doing everything from buying Twilight decorations and merchandise to even making custom costumes and writing fan fiction. So what has created so much enthusiasm for a series about vampires? The story is not new and there are several treatments of it in novels, movies, and television. If you want to know why here are some of the possible reasons.

One thing is that books are making a major comeback for the younger generation. Teens and young people are finding authors who get their world and are writing in their language. Even though Bella has to deal with supernatural entities such as werewolves and vampires girls and young women can identify and sympathize with her struggles and even her weaknesses. This along with the vampire boyfriend helps make it a hit with the ladies. When you look at other successful writers like J.K. Rowling you see the same thing. The setting may be fantastical but the challenges and issues are often strongly based in everyday life.

A very obvious reason for Twilight?s success is that love triangles sell. What woman does not want to be in the situation where two handsome guys are serie streaming fighting for her attention and love? Also there are the hard emotional decisions that make the compelling story. In Twilight Bella has found something amazing with Edward Cullen but she has strong ties to Jacob Black especially after Edward leaves her for a period of time. The strong emotions and the dire consequences of being a human in their paranormal world create a great story as Bella tries to maintain her relationships and still take on massive challenges.

The vampire genre and its sensual associations in literature have always been popular. Twilight and series like it are similar to many paranormal romances that have done the same thing. However these novels are often for a limited adult audience. It is not like you can allow your 13 year old to watch an episode of the HBO show True Blood. All that sex, blood, and violence would keep it off any caring parent?s list of approved shows and literature. The fact that Twilight can deliver the sensual attractiveness of vampires in a wholesome way is something special and very effective. It shows that the author is a Mormon because she shows Edward and Bella to be passionate but still has them wait until marriage before they go all the way.

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