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The Golf Game – Par, Birdie, Eagle

The object of the golf game is to get a small ball into a cup lined hole in as few strokes as possible. It sounds easy; however, the difficulty is hitting the ball from 75 to 600 yards into a flagged hole that you cannot see.

Sometimes you can place the golf ball into the hole with one stroke of the golf club. Most times not. There are fourteen types of clubs to learn and become skilled at managing.

Golf is unlike other stick and ball games in that you are not reacting to a ball in flight, rather you are in control of activating the flight of the ball. The frustration is in your lack of knowledge, skills, discipline, and control. Choices Hack The golf game is a social sport yet it is hard to imagine that it is a game played against yourself.

The game of golf offers many challenges. It is an addictive or intoxicating game because it needs your personal attention and growth. You are the master. If you meet the required par from tee to the golf hole; you scored par. If you shot one less it is a birdie. If you hit one stroke over par it is a bogey. As you can see you are challenging your ‘self’.

What is par?

Par is the shot taken from the beginning tee to get the ball into the golf hole. Each hole is marked with how many times you can swing your golf club or par to drop the golf ball into the hole. A golf swing is known as a stroke or shot and is counted.

  • Par three is the shortest length averaging 75 to 230 yards and permits one swing and two putts.
  • Par four is medium length measuring about 240 yards to 470 yards and allows you two swings and two putts.
  • Par five is about 480 to 600 yards in length and allows one drive, two swings and two putts.

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