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Strategic Planning Is a Must


When I mention strategic planning to owners of smaller companies, I often get a look of bewilderment–and a comment that they thought strategic planning was only for large companies. As a result, I often direct my comments or questions to the discussion of goals for the owner and the company. Goals are really only a part of a strategic plan, but it is a good way to start the conversation about developing specific plans for the future of the company.

Every organization should have a written strategic plan or, as some companies call it, a company vision. A statistic I recently heard was that, of the 500 fastest-growing companies listed in INC magazine, about 80% have written strategic plans. But only 20% of all small businesses (with fewer than 500 employees) have a strategic plan.

Strategic plans can be very complex and include a great deal of information. There are many effective consulting organizations that can assist in performing the research to help you better understand your business and to develop broad goals and specific tactics for achieving your vision.

Excellent strategic plans for smaller companies can be developed internally without assistance from the outside. Who better knows your business than the owners and the employees of your company? You may have to step back and take a different view, but the knowledge is there. These plans do not have to belong and detailed. There are some very excellent plans that are done on one page.

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