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Five Secrets to Successful Outdoor Signage

Don’t let your business hide in plain sight! From promoting a new product to advertising your business’s location, outdoor signage is a key part of any successful small business marketing strategy. But do you know how to generate real results with your outdoor sign? Follow these five signage secrets from the pros to get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar.

Secret #1: Location, location, location. When it comes to successful outdoor advertising, nothing matters more than location. Location determines the size, style and content of your sign. Are you posting a sign outside your cafe featuring daily specials? Is your sign on the side of a highway or next to a busy intersection? Depending on your location, you may want to go big or small, and even invest in outdoor lighting to highlight your sign at night. Remember, pedestrians passing your sign on the street will have more time to read it than commuters driving by on their way to work. Keep these factors in mind when selecting your location.

Secret #2: Keep it simple. Any text should be succinct and easy to read. Pedestrians and commuters have limited time to read, process and comprehend your sign. Don’t bury your product in a lot of marketing slogans. signage company in gurgaon Be sure that in five seconds or less, anyone glancing at your sign clearly knows the product or service that you are selling as well as the name of your business. Keep your font simple and choose colors that complement your message, rather than distract from it.

Secret #3: Grab your audience with powerful visuals. When is a picture worth more than a thousand words? When it’s on your outdoor sign! Remember, your target audience has limited time to notice your sign, and even less time to read and comprehend it. A powerful visual – whether it’s an image of your product or a can’t-be-missed graphic – creates a strong emotional connection with your potential customers, ensuring your message will be remembered.

Secret #4: Beat Mother Nature with weather-resistant materials. From rain to wind, your outdoor sign will take a beating from printing agency in gurgaon Mother Nature. Make sure your sign is built to last with sturdy, weather-resistant materials. Even sunny days can age your sign. Be sure your sign is printed in UV-resistant ink. Paying a little extra to invest in high-quality materials will pay off in the long run.

Secret #5: Buying local costs less. Shhh… the online discount stores don’t want you to know this secret! Many of those ‘bargain’ online sign factories may seem cheap at first, but that’s because they offer limited customer service and use low-quality materials. A poorly made sign will only brand your business as unprofessional and waste your marketing dollars. Local signage companies typically include graphic designers who can help create a custom and professional sign for little to know extra cost. Plus, a local company can provide assistance with sign installation – that sure beats doing it yourself!

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