Everything You Should Know About Paper Embroidery Patterns & Techniques

Paper embroidery, additionally recognized as embroidery on paper, is famous among people who love to do both needlework and paper crafts. Stitching is executed on sturdy paper or card inventory via inserting a needle and thread via holes that the embroiderer has pierced along the sketch in accordance with a pattern. Patterns for paper embroidery are accessible in special codecs from a variety of sources.

Downloading Patterns

Enter “paper embroidery patterns” into an Internet search engine for websites that provide patterns for download, each for sale and for free. Usually, the download consists of a PDF with a design outlined in black dots. These dots point out where holes must be pierced in the paper you desire to embroider. Sometimes the dots are labeled with numbers or letters to point out the order of the stitches, and additional directions might accompany the pattern.

Patterns from Books

Books with paper embroidery patterns and tasks are accessible from booksellers, shops who specialize in needlework or paper crafts, or even the library. Again, patterns generally appear as designs outlined with black dots to show the place holes need to be pierced. Patterns can be photocopied or scanned; by no means pierce a sample directly from an e-book page.

Patterns on Brass Templates

Brass templates produced for paper embroidery provide flowers, swirls, medallions, and different designs. Pattern traces are printed or etched on the surface of the template and pierced with pre-measured holes. Brass templates for paper embroidery are reachable through needlework and paper craft retailers.

Patterns on Stickers

Combine stitchery and stickers with peel-and-stick embroidery templates. The designs, embossed in silver or gold, include medallions, corners, butterflies, vegetation and seasonal motifs. Apply the preferred sticky label to the paper you prefer to embroider, pierce through the pre-marked dots and enhance the sticker design with your stitches. Sticker templates for embroidery on paper are additionally available through needlework and paper craft retailers.

Patterns From Other Sources

Create your personal paper embroidery sample from online art. Coloring books and old embroidery transfers are accurate sources or doodle an easy flower or different motif yourself. A good layout requires clean traces and little detail.

Transferring a Pattern

Once you have chosen a paper embroidery pattern, this is how to switch it: Lay paper or card stock proper side up on a pricking pad or on a piece of feeling, heavy wool, a folded dishtowel or even a thick sock. Place the embroidery pattern over the paper. Use painter’s tape, which comes off cleanly, to keep the pattern in location if you wish. Follow the dots on the pattern to punch through the card inventory with a piercing tool. If your pattern has no pre-printed dots, mark the sample lines with dots first or pierce directly via the pattern, spacing the holes evenly as you go. When you have got the whole design, carry the sample from the card inventory but hold the pattern available for reference while you are stitching.


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