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Different Types of Computer Mouses

With computers being one of the most used pieces of technology on the world today, there is no wonder that so many different types of mouses exist. You can buy some for right handed people and left handed people. You can buy vertical, trackball, optical, ball, wireless and gaming mouses. Of course, for most people a standard mouse does just fine, but there is a market for every one of the mouses listed above (except for the ball mouse, which is virtually never used anymore as optical is much better technology).

When buying a mouse, you need to find one that is going to do what you want it to. If you are into gaming then a gaming mouse is good, if you can justify the money that you need to spend. g600 mouse If you are finding that you are getting pain from using a computer for many hours a day, then you should look at getting a vertical mouse, or a trackball mouse. Combine this with a good quality Computer Wrist Pad and breaks every hour, and your pain should slowly go away.

Ergonomics is a huge part of mouses today, as they are one of the primary ways to get RSI. In fact, thousands of people suffer from RSI each year as a direct result of the mouse. Due to this alarming figure, I would suggest that you spend a bit more on a mouse that is designed to look after your wrists, fingers and elbows; it’s well worth it. There is nothing worse than having pain from a mouse or keyboard, when for an extra $30 you could have gotten rid of it! If you are left handed, make sure that you get a left handed mouse, and vice versa. The technology is out; you may as well make good use of it!

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