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5 Tips on How to Start Investing in the Stock Market Today

Many new investors have read up on the theories of stock market investing but are still unsure as to the actual steps involved in the investing process. How to start investing in the stock market is a question faced by many beginner investors. This article offers you some basic steps that you can start with today.

Why are you investing? Ask yourself your reason for stock investment – is it to get a fixed income every few months? Is it to save up for your retirement? Is it to generate profit over the long term? Is it part of your get rich quick scheme? The latter is called speculating and investors usually do this on a short-term basis; however speculating in the market is not advised for beginner investors. More commonly, investors invest for income (in the form of dividends) or growth (in the form of rising stock prices whose stock can be later sold for a handsome profit).

Figure out how much risk is associated with share market investing and what your risk threshold is. Yes everyone’s is different; yours will depend on many factors including your financial situation, your nature, your psychological needs, etc. There are many different kinds of risks that you must consider before investing in the stock market – everything from financial risk to interest rate risk to personal risk. Once you have understood each type of risk, you must evaluate how risk-averse you are and then set about minimizing your risk and maximizing your profits in the stock market. Some strategies for minimizing risk are market research, diversification and sound financial management and planning. Once you have covered this, then you can begin to understand how to start investing in the stock market.

Many people start investing by playing it safe with mutual funds. Mutual funds are stock portfolio aggregates compiled by most brokerage and financial firms. They are just that company’s estimation of a fairly “safe” balance of stocks to hold – the aim of mutual funds is to provide stable income so they are not too risk-intensive. The theory is that since mutual funds invest in stable stocks in the major markets jouer en bourse pour les nuls and stock indexes, then their rate of return closely mirrors those indexes.

Some people start stock investing by going for the hot tips offered by the internet or local brokerage services. This may not be a wise strategy for a beginner investor because it means relying on others to tell you what to buy and sell and when. If you really want to treat stock market investing seriously then you must do all the hard work yourself and start to trust your own instincts. Sometimes just by having your pulse on the market, you can come to insightful conclusions and beat the “hot tips” guy.

Start by investing small amounts. Most traders refer to the first 6 months as the green period. You should not be making any major investments during this time. Instead you should be closely studying the market, making small investments and tracking and monitoring them continuously so as to be able to gauge developing trends and develop a knack for picking winners.

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