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4 Easy and Healthy One Pot Meal Ideas

One pot meals are great for people on the go. These meals satisfy the single person, single mother and even the full family. One pot meals are particularly easy because you can add all of your healthy ingredients to one meal and you’re done. No need to prepare side dishes unless you prefer to do so. This allows you to lessen your preparation time freeing up more time for you to focus on what’s most important to you. In addition, one pot meals tend to leave extras for everyone to munch on the following day. These four one pot meals will give you ideas and inspiration for easy, healthy, whole meals at home.

1. Crock Pot Meals – By far the leader of the one pot meal, crock pot meals are perfect for busy people. All you need to do is gather and prep your favorite ingredients including vegetables, potatoes, protein and any grains. Add ingredients to the crock pot with your choice of water, chicken stock or a combination and turn on. Crock pot meals can cook all day while you’re at work, leaving you with a scrumptious meal to come home to. In addition, crock pot meals can be prepared in a quantity that allows you to have leftovers. What better way to make a meal that’s easy to prep, easy to cook and provides you with leftovers for the week?

2. Casseroles and Stir Fries – While casseroles and stir fries won’t cook while you’re at work, they still offer a convenient way to get in all of your macronutrients without much of a hassle. It’s easy to add in your protein, carbohydrates Healthy meals delivered and fat to any casserole or stir fry meal. Incorporate different types of vegetables as well as proteins such as pork, chicken, sirloin and any monounsaturated oil. Season to your liking and you’ve got a perfect meal. Casseroles and stir fries are also great ways to make a large meal leaving you with extras for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.

3. Healthy Lasagnas – Yum, lasagna! Most people are shocked when they think of a healthy one pot meal being lasagna. The truth is you can absolutely make this a healthy, easy meal. Use a lower sugar marinara or tomato basil sauce and combine with whole wheat lasagna noodles instead of the traditional white noodles. Use light or lower fat ricotta cheese and combine with ground turkey, lean ground beef or even ground chicken breast as your protein. To get a healthy dose of veggies, add diced vegetables or roasted vegetables into the mix or as a topper for the lasagna. Again, this is another meal that can be prepared ahead of time and once you get home, pop it in the oven and go! In addition, this will most likely provide leftovers if you prepare enough leaving you with another meal that’s already prepared.

4. Soups – Soups are a wonderful way to provide a healthy option in one pot. Soups can take on so many flavors by adding spices and herbs leaving you with an endless amount of variations for your meals. For proteins, load your soup with chicken, meatballs (turkey or beef), chunks of beef, pork or even fish. Add in as many diced vegetables as you want and combine with whole grains such as wheat pasta, brown rice, or barley. Soups can be made in a crock pot or can be made and heated the day before, stored in the fridge and eaten for dinner the following day. Whatever your choice, make it as easy as possible for you.

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